Evotech of Italy - CNC Machining Works with Artsy Italian Flair

Posted by Bestem USA on 12/11/2013 to Fun @ Bestem
The Italians are the few who can paint their cars in bright orange or green and still being admired. In the world of design, they are considered the risk takers but somehow they can always pull it off. That makes the rest of us envy because with their rich history of beautifully designed fast cars and motorbikes, the Italian designers have always been treated like spoiled children, yet with high expectations. So when Stephen and Biagio from Evotech of Italy approached us at the Indy Dealer Expo in 2012, we were immediately impressed with their refreshingly designed CNC products. Soon after we returned from the show, we reached out to them and started importing their Tail Tidy’s. Like other fine pieces made in Italy, the Tail Tidy’s from Evotech had more adjustability than any other tail tidy’s on the market and all pieces are cut and finished with precise machining. They’re not the cheapest on the market, but with a few extra bucks, you’re buying the finest. Check out their fuel caps, if you got to hold one in your hand, you wouldn’t want to put it down. The fine grooves is mesmerizing to look at and so cool to touch.

We’re now importing their full product line into the states and building up our inventories on these finely machined pieces of works. If you don’t see your bike models on the list yet, contact us. We have frequent deliveries straight from their factory so it can reach your hands in a week or two. Check out our Evotech equipped Ducati GoldenStrada! If you’d like to have one in your hand before you buy, call your local dealer and ask them to get it on their parts counter (chances are your dealer may have already been in our dealer network). You will not put it back once you get a hold of it, we are almost certain.

  Evotech Full Product Line at Bestem USA

             Evotech Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator Adjustable License Plate Holder for Ducati Multistrada 1200


                      Evotech Fuel Cap for 1199 Pinagale                    Evotech Frame Slider for Monster 696