Bestem Manifesto

Bestem is a small company that’s located in Tucker, GA. We sell carbon fiber motorcycle parts to riders all over the world. 

Unlike the rest of entrepreneurial world, Bestem was not born because of a vision, a genius idea, or a whim. It was simply a hobby. Everyday we design, engineer, manufacture, stock, pack, and ship out our Bestem-branded motorcycle parts and accessories. We explain how things work to our customers, over the phone, via email, and if we have to, teleportation!

We strive for excellence in product design, manufacturing and value. We take full responsibility in guaranteeing our products' quality and durability meet our customers' expectations. We respond in a prompt and positive manner to anyone who contacts us and welcome constructive criticism. We believe our relationship to customers is based on mutual honesty and share of passion in riding.

As far as marketing goes, we do everything in house. We don't pay any marketing guru to bloat our business. Everything you see in our blog or instagram happens everyday here. Earnest people can shine here while doing hard and smart work. 

Thanks for your support for the last ten years.  Simplicity still wins.